BB EZ CAM Controller Plugin

BB EZ CAM Controller Plugin


This is the EZ CAM Controller iClone Plugin by Bigboss.

This plugin provides remote controls to operate your cameras using your mouse and keyboard. The DollyTruckPedestalPan and Tilt commands are also mapped to the corresponding keys on your numeric keypad for ease of control.
The plugin provides numerous additional functionalities for fine tuning your camera animation including jumping for key to key, adding or deleting keys, resetting to the initial conditions and some automatic key reduction capabilities to cleanup your initial scene walkthrough.    

A must have for all serious movie producers !!!

Installation procedure:
Download and Unzip pack
2) Copy "BB EZ CAM Controller" folder to you iClone Bin64 OpenPlugin folder
        e.g.  C:\Program Files\Reallusion\iClone 7\Bin64\OpenPlugin
Restart iClone
4) Under the Plugins TAB, locate "BB Plugins" menu item and invoke "BB EZ CAM Controller" plugin
5) Add a camera to your scene and star pressing buttons or numeric keypad numbers...
6) Optionally Dock your EZ CTRL Panel to the right hand-side docking panel to free up your viewport..

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