Social Hangout Bundle - iClone7 / CC3

Social Hangout Bundle - iClone7 / CC3


Pack includes:

  • 52 Motions (32 Bar, 20 Night Club)


Social Hangout - Nightlife consists of several types of realistic and natural movements based on common scenarios such as; watching sports, drinking wine, flirting, bartender serving, DJ solo, and interactions in a bar or nightclub. Apply these animations to your favorite CC3 digital human characters to create daily social life scenes.

Combine these animations with Social Hangout Combo for daily social life scenarios in a restaurant, diner, cafeteria, bistro, and so on. All motions are 100% royalty-free and can be exported as FBX or BVH for use in real-time game engines like Unity, Unreal, CryEngine, Game Maker, and others.

Mix and match with Studio Mocap - City Life and Studio Mocap - Office Work for even more animation possibilities. 

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