PopcornFX Particle Sequencer

PopcornFX Particle Sequencer



PopcornFX Particle Sequencer plug-in can be used to easily and intuitively manage PopcornFX particle emit time and loop status without using the timeline. You can drag/drop selected particles to the item list, change their emit order, set delay time, toggle loop status, or set the custom life cycle for each particle. Press the Apply button to deploy the particles to the scene and apply the custom settings. Save your custom sequence as a preset for further use.

Bonus! 10 sample presets are provided for your creative inspiration.

This Sequencer requires PopcornFX particles and can immediately benefit users who already own PopcornFX Library 40, and/or Learning Sample 50*, or who have generated their unique particle effects from PopcornFX Super Tools*. With PopcornFX Plug-in, users can further modify particle parameters, or use iClone Timeline for final refinement.

*PopcornFX Super Tools and Learning Sample 50 are included with the purchase of the PopcornFX Plug-in.

Don''t have PopcornFX content or plug-in yet? Get it here!

1) Sequencing and compositing particle effects without using timeline.
- Set particle ON/OFF time (sec).
- Inter-emitter trigger delay settings.
- Emitter custom life-cycle settings.
- Triggering at any moment.
2) Save custom presets with parameter settings and emitter relative positioning.
3) 10 sample presets available for deployment and customization (requires PopconFX Library 40 & Learning Sample 50 for full usage).
4) Multiple attribute parameters can be adjusted at once.
5) Positional and rotational constraints for effects on target objects.
6) Recording of group history for reversible editing.
7) Prioritize Template/Custom folder for search optimization.

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